Father Time

           The day was January 26, 2002, and I was in my house watching my grandfather clock. I got so bored that I fell asleep. I had a dream that I was dressed in a white cloak and robe with a golden rope tied around my waist. I had my watch on but it wasn't like regular watches, it had four faces and four buttons. One of the faces and one of the buttons said "YEARS" in bold,capital letters. One of the buttons and one of the faces said "Months" in bold letters. The third button and face said "DAY" in capital letters. The last button and face said "TIME" in bold, capital letters. I set the year to 2006, the month to February, the day to the seventeenth, the time to 8:00. I did this so I could see the Winter Olympics. So I traveled through time quite a few times with the watch. But one time I tried it without the watch. I had a magical stick instead. It helps me with bad guys by shooting out a white beam.

This time I yelled out the year,the month,the day,and the time. Here's what I said "1992, July,17, 9:50," I traveled back to my birth, then I woke up. The same thing happened. So from that day forward I traveled through time, saving people from things that had happened to them in the past. Saving people from things that happened to them in the future. I call myself, Father Time.

I have some other things you might want to know. I came from a planet called "Exodus Time." I have a secret hangout hovering above Mars. I have a big screen computer [in my secret hangout] that tells me what's going on in the past and future. I have clocks everywhere to show me what time it is every place around the world. Oh, one more thing, I can never die because of my powers. So that's my story, until next time, I am Michael.

Father Time   
Revenge against the Darkenator

"Come back here Darkenator," yelled Father Time as I chased the Darkenator down a dark alley. Let's take you back to when Father Time and the Darkenator became sworn enemies. My wife, Mother Nature, was a good super hero. She was always making dark and dreary into light and relaxing. Then I met another super hero, his name was the Lightenator. All of us together formed a super hero team called "The Earth Trio" or (T.E.T).

So, we went around saving the earth from domination. But then I noticed Lightenator was trying to help the world domination. This was not good. One night he went out, and he never came back.
Let's get back to the present. I was chasing the Darkenator for two reasons. One is because he was once the Lightenator, but as time passed on and he became evil, he took a new name, the Darkenator. Second is because he strapped Mother Nature to a rocket that will explode in one minute. "So he has the rocket control," I thought. So that's when I started to chase him. I thought, "This will take forever." So I flipped my stick to the wooden side and shot out a grappling hook and attached it to the rocket. As I flew through the sky, I wiggled like a worm on a fish hook. My stomach felt like it was about to explode and I wondered if I would be too late.

When I got there I had ten seconds left, so I took my handy pocket knife out and cut the rope. But as I cut the rope, I got caught by metal arms which deactivated the bomb. The rocket headed towards the Darkenator's secret base inside an empty warehouse. "I have caught you fair and square," the Darkenator said in a voice like Arnold Schwarzeneger, "And now, I shall take away your time stick!"
The Darkenator ran over, took my stick, and tied it to a steel bar. "Adieu," the Darkenator shouted as he left the room.

I concentrated on my stick coming to me magically, "That won't work," I thought to myself. But all of a sudden, my stick flew over to me, cut the ropes and fell into my hands. I was free. I traveled back to the time I chased the villain. Now there was two of me. "You're very good-looking," he said to me. "So are you," I said. "You save the girl, I'll catch the villain, but stay six feet away from the rocket," I said. I chased the villain for five minutes, until I thought, "I have mental powers." I concentrated on the Darkenator coming to me. He came right to me. "The jail cell will never hold you, so you'll stay in one of my eternal clocks. You will stay in there forever."

Just then, the other me and Mother Nature flew in. I took a glance at the other me, and he disappeared in a poof of smoke. "Justice will always win."

By Michael


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