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Summer Learning / Activity Opportunities

ISB is not currently offering summer school courses, but students can attend programs at other sites.  Some programs have fees and offer high school credit.  Other programs are free and just provide learning but not official credit.  Please check with your neighborhood middle/high school for summer school programs because your student can access those services as well.  This list is not comprehensive, it only includes the programs we know about...if you hear of something, please let us know so we can add it to the list.

All students who plan to complete a summer school course for credit must inform the counselor so we can review your choice and discuss with you how it impacts your educational plan at ISB.  Please complete this form and turn it in to your counselor before registering for a class.  This also gives you a chance to check with the subject area teacher and counselor to make sure the course fits appropriately into your plan and profile.  Remember to have a transcript sent to ISB at the end of the class.  

The ISB program planning guide provides information about pre-requisites for courses and course syllabi outline the concepts that are necessary to move to the next course.  Here is a document from the math department (written a few years ago) about topics covered in each class that could be helpful for a tutor to review with students.  You can also look up curriculum topics on the Beaverton School District Website under "curriculum".

Here are the summer reading lists for middle school students.
        entering 6th grade
        entering 7th grade
        entering 8th grade      
        International Book list

Please contact these organizations for more information.  The details could be outdated but the organizations will provide updated information.  

        Arts and Communication Magnet Academy (summer institute for grades 6-12)
classes open to students from all school districts

        Bringham Young University Independent Study (online courses) http://is.byu.edu/site/
                high school students often use this to complete Health credit online            

        Jesuit High School Summer Session www.jesuitportland.org
        academic courses (tech, spanish, japanese, math, study skills, writing, reading, drama program)

Thomas Edison Middle School Summer Program 6th-8th grade www.taedisonhs.org

        Portland Community College www.pcc.edu
                There is a special process for students under the age of 16.  Please refer to this website for more details http://www.pcc.edu/admissions/under-16.html
        Math 23C Geometry is the high school credit for students who want to learn Geometry over the summer.

Tigard Tualatin Online Summer School Courses brochure here
        includes middle school, high school, credit recovery courses like Algebra and Geometry, as well as elective courses

Each comprehensive high school in BSD is offering a summer school for credit recovery, for acceleration, and for incoming 8th graders who are pre-identified by their counselor for needing transition support. Contact your neighborhood school (Beaverton, Sunset, Southridge, Aloha, Westview) for more information.  Courses can be taken even if you intend to return to ISB.

For information about other camp/activity offerings that can provide your student with educational opportunities, community service activities, and other great ways to keep learning and having fun this summer, check out these resources:

Washington County Library has free loans of cultural passes for great family outings, as well as books/CDs/DVDs for loan.  They also have a great summer reading program for teens. http://www.wccls.org/teens

Mercy Corps summer activities/workshops http://www.actioncenter.org/portland

        includes a link to the district's Tutor List if you're looking for a private tutor in a particular subject

        offers Chinese programs during summer and on Saturday (not accredited)

Want to work on math this summer but can't participate in a summer school class?  Ask an adult or good math student to help tutor you using books from the library or computer programs.

Here's some websites I found with math practice that could help students with particular sections of math concepts.  Some apps also help with learning basic math facts and other academic skill building.
This website offers many academic support videos, and you can even watch the videos with subtitles in another language. 
                Students will get free access to this by using their CIS passwords.

Colleges often offer summer programs for students interested in enrolling later in high school.  Such as:
        Do you know high school students who might benefit from college-level summer study at Cornell?
        If so, please pass this info along to them about Cornell University Summer College Programs for High School Students: www.summercollege.cornell.edu <http://www.summercollege.cornell.edu/>

The following free online resource was highlighted at a district parent meeting for engaging TAG students in higher learning (these are not accredited classes....they are free resources meant to give students the opportunity to access college level course content).  
Southern Oregon University ACADEMY program for students completing grade 5-8
        "Qualifying students have a 3.4 GPA and demonstrate a special talent, leadership ability, or measured intelligence above average", tuition is $675 with some financial aid assistance available

Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth www.cty.jhu.edu
        ISB School Code is 91882 or CEEB Code is 380049

The Oregonian publishes a Summer Programs pamphlet with lots of ideas of camps and programs.  A copy is in the parent lending library at ISB.