The Crucible

Act Three Questions

1.What is the most impactful line of Act 3?  Why?

2.Observe Miller’s description of the physical properties of the courtroom. What specific details make the room “forbidding”?

3.What is Danforth’s role in the proceedings? How would you characterize Danforth’s personality?

4.Clarify Danforth’s statement that “the entire contention of the state in these trials is that the voice of Heaven is speaking through the children.”  What kind of contention is that?  In other words, is this a valid contention?  Why/why not?

5.How would you describe the encounter between Danforth and Abigail? Who “wins”? Why?

6.Define Hale’s stance in the last part of Act III, particularly as it relates to Proctor.

7.The end of Act III is often a climax or turning point in a play (Shakespeare plays, for instance).  Do you perceive the end of Act III as a “turning point”? Explain your conclusion with evidence from the text.

8.What various techniques does Miller use to achieve such heightened drama at the end of Act III?